We started our blog back in 2004 before social media like Facebook was available to the public. Our blog was intended to document our trip through North America. Since then, we have created a website which has grown to become a record of our travels, weekend trips, adventures small and big, of what we love to do, places we visit, our lives. We like it. We like to share these things, so feel free to browse and read as much or as little as captures your interest. We change the structure every now and then, to make it easier to navigate.

This is a good place to start our expedition around North America. Below is the original entry as in appeared on blogger.com


Original Entry


You made it to our travel log!

This is where we post our updates (or weBLOGs) during the trip. The travel log also provides a place for anyone to comment, and yes, we would love to get your comments, travel tips, advice etc! You will need a blogger account to post comments, but this account is easy enough to set-up. We do not plan to publish too many photos in the travel log, instead we will use the Ofoto website. It provides a much better user interface and unlimited storage for photos.

We will start the travel log for ‘real’ once we are on the road. Mainly because the next few weeks will be spent getting the car (Sterling) ready for the trip, getting the apartment packed up and everything into storage. And of course having a going away party. We can’t believe it is only 2 weeks until we head off.

We are not sure how often we will update the travel log. We will endeavour to do this at least once a week – hopefully more and not less. So if you want to see what we are up to, then make sure to return to our website on a regular basis.