Finally on our way!!!!!!

You wouldn’t believe how much stuff fits in a small, 2-bedroom apartment! And it just seemed to keep coming up out of the ground!!!!!!!

But finally after 3 days of packing and stuffing things into storage, we got on our way today at 4pm!!! Said goodbye to the lovely people at our leasing office in South Beach Marina Apartments; a few small errands, filled up Sterlin and off we were .. .and immediately all the stress from the last few days evaporated – not that Stephen was stressed at all!

Amidst all that stress I managed to have a nice birthday though. Stephen got some wonderful take-away thai food for us and we enjoyed that with a bottle of Veuve, on our camping furniture, in our living room.

Went for drinks in 21st Amendment with good friends for our last evening – thanks guys!

Greetings from Red Bluff, CA from where we will go to Lassen tomorrow!