North America Road Trip
Host Olympic City 2010
July 16, 2004

Greetings from Vancouver and Whistler, British Columbia.  Crossed the border from the US to Canada on the 9th of July (Friday) and headed up to Whistler.  Hiked a local trail with Dad where we discovered that there is no rainbow at Rainbow Lake (although it was chucking down with rain).  Caroline discovered the comfort (and bar) of the new Four Seasons Hotel where she shared wine and nibbles with Penny.  On Sunday, headed to the foothills of Vancouver where we had a chance to enjoy the city and prepare for the trip (things in San Francisco were a little hectic, and maybe we were not as organized as we could have been).  On Monday, Sterling was fitted with front bars at the local Land Rover dealership.  I also managed to squeeze in a few camping stores.  Not too sure what happened on Tuesday and Wednesday, but I am sure it was enjoyable.  Funny how the days tend to drift by.  I do remember buying some expensive glacier glasses and a rather expensive pair of fleece pants.  These being critical items for the now confirmed High Altitude Mountaineering trip to Bolivia.  Great to savour some home cooking from Mum.

Today was a milestone day.  We have just confirmed ferries to Alaska via the Inside Passage.  It feels like we are actually on our way (first sailing from Port Hardy to Prince Rupert and second sailing from Prince Rupert to Juneau, AK).  So we are setting off tomorrow morning at 10:30am.

Signing off from Vancouver.

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  1. hello guys,

    we zullen wat afwisselen met de ‘Figi’s nietwaar ? Stephen, when do you plan to be in Bolivia, does Caroline have any plans yet ? It seems like whenever Stephen is hiking, we can find Caroline in a bar …
    Can’t wait to the pics from Alaska !!!

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