North America Road Trip
Juneau, AK
July 21, 2004

We will keep this post very short (as internet and phone seem to be a real problem here).  Just wanted to let you know that we touched down in Alaska.

Took the ferry from Port Hardy to Prince Rupert – 15 hours on the water (all in Canada).  The Inside Passage was absolutely amazing.  So was the weather – on the first leg.  The boat was full of dutch speaking tourists.  Very enjoyable way to travel I must say.

Spent a day in Prince Rupert, before boarding the ferry to Juneau – 24 hours.  Prince Rupert was ok!  Unfortunately managed to lose my wallet there, so had to spend several hours looking for it, advising the local police and cancelling all our credit cards.  A bit of a bummer not to have credit cards while travelling.  The Alaskan Inside Passage was not too bad either, unfortunately it kind-of rained the whole time.

Currently in Juneau, land of the cruise tourist and yucky shopping.  Saw the amazing Mendenhall Glacier.  Got to go, fire alarm just went off.


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  1. Ahaa posted on July 21st…So Caroline, did you sing the Brabançonne during the ferry trip? Stephen, hope you got your wallet back!!! or are you washing dishes now???? (euhh, this might be a flemish expression, ask Caroline). Keep up having fun!!! Gina

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