Juneau, AK – continued
July 23, 2004

Hokey… we’re back. As said we were chased out of the cyber cafe by the fire alarm. Made one addition to that previous blog: a photo link of the Inside Passage.

Juneau, Alaska’s State Capitol – a city that can only be reached by plane and boat. And oh boy do the boats know how to reach it … especially the massive cruise ships. It looks like at any given time there are 4 cruise ships docked in downtown Juneau (probably a summer thing). As a result of that downtown is crawling with tourists during the day; in the evening they go back to thei cabins and life on board. Downtown is filled with ‘tourist shops’ selling jewelry, jewelry, more jewelry and plush animals.

Very dramatic setting though, hemmed in by moutains and glaciers. One of which is very close to the city and very accessible: The Mendenhall Glacier. So naturally we went for a closer look!

Ferry sailings gave us 2 choices: either 1 or 3 nights in Juneau. The weather and the cruise ships made us decide on 1 night.
So on Wed Jul 21 we took the ferry to Skagway.

Goodnight from Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada.


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  1. Amazing glacier pics guys!!! I was hoping to see a photo of Stephen with ice gear on trying to climb that beast(!) Other than that, seen any big wildlife out there? Keep us posted on Yellowstone and when U get a chance, try to find a bar there that serves whisky shots with dead human toes & fingers in it (no joke hey!) – I saw that on the discovery channel 2 weeks ago but dont remember which bar it is. Ciao kids,

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