Mt Rainier, Washington (14,410 ft)

Thought I’d better send a quick post to let you all know that I was successful in my summit of Mt Rainier!

I set off at 10:30am Monday from the car-park arriving at Camp Muir around 3:00 pm. After a light dinner, we were all tucked-up and in bed by 6:00pm. Although it was somewhat hard to sleep as it was still bright sunshine outside. Got woken up at midnight and set off some 90 minutes later. After six hours of hiking and four rest stops, successfully gained the summit. Yihaa!!! On the descent, the gods decided it was time to reward the fine weather of the previous day with high winds and driving rain. Due to poor weather, it took eight hours to hike back down to the car-park (completely soaked I might add). Nothing a quick beer can’t fix however. Would I do it again; probably not – certainly not with RMI, but maybe as an independent (meaning, without a professional guide).

Goodnight from Seattle, Washington.