‘Northern Exposure’
July 13, 2004

Hi All!

Remember the TV show ‘Northern Exposure’? It was set in a fictitious place called ‘Cicely, Alaska’. Well, on July 8th we drove east out of Seattle on Hwy 90 for 80 odd miles to get to Roslyn, Washington, the township that stood model for it! Thought that one deserved a mention here as I absolutely adored that show!

In ‘Dr. Fleishman’s office’, ‘KBHR’ and ‘Ruth-Anne’s General Store’ filming was done inside and outside.
‘The Brick’ was used for the outside only. Or so I was told.

Good afternoon from Vancouver!



  1. hey das daar mooi joh! Thanks for the neat pics and text.
    How’s Sterlin doing? Stephen, had a need to use the ‘steady downhill’ feature yet? I’m off dirt biking today, am sure that I’ll use my ‘fast downhill’ feature 🙂
    Take care amigos!

  2. Wreed schoon!!! Peaceful, neat little town! But never heard of the TV show…. Probably we are too young to remember :-))))) Probably only known by the 40+ generation hahaha! Glad you enjoyed it. Gina

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