Skagway to Anchorage, AK
July 26, 2004

Obviously we made it successfully from Juneau to Skagway.  However, no more ferries for us (at least for a while).  We plan to be land-based for the next few weeks.  Skagway was quite the quaint little tourist town.  We preferred it to Juneau.  It did however have numerous jewelry shops, which have absolutely no historical relevance, but do cater nicely to the Cruise tourist.  Caroline even managed to get some free diamond ear-rings (value undeclared…).  The drive from Skagway North to Whitehorse was rather spectacular actually.  Dramatic mountains along the South Klondike Highway and up the pass to Carcross.  This is one of the two historical paths followed by the early gold-rushers.  Had no hassles from immigration entering Canada.

Whitehorse, not much to say…

Headed more North and West to re-enter Alaska on the Alaska Highway.  Very annoying immigration dude, who gave us 10 minutes of grief.  But hey, he let us back into the United States.  I am not sure he knew what to do with our documents, and decided it was just easier to let us go.  More beautiful mountains and lakes along the way.  Stopped the night in Tok (in a campground with a WiFi access point).

Stopped at the Matanuska Glacier and went for a bit of a walk on the Glacier.  It was quite stunning.  First time Caroline had been on a Glacier.  Stayed the night in Palmer, which is famous for nothing.  In Anchorage today.  Signing off from N61°12′, W149°50′