3 Days and 3 Nights in and around San Francisco.

We just couldn’t stay away!

As mentioned previously we had to be back in SFO for fingerprinting. No choice really… so as we had to ‘interrupt’ our trip we decided to make the most of it.

On Wednesday August 11th we arrived at SFO airport in the evening and were met by ‘The FiGi’s’ (Fil & Gina). They also provided us with Wi-Fi enabled accommodation for 3 days and we had their truck at our disposal – thanks guys! It was good and easy staying at your place!

Thursday we kicked off with breakfast with Alison; Caroline then enjoyed a mid-morning coffee-chat with Olivier while Stephen went to the dentist.

Afterwards we paid a visit to our storage locker.

In the afternoon we visited Leslie who introduced us to their brand new baby girl Maelle.

Around 5pm we made our way to Inge & Marc’s. Stephen went for a run in Sunnyvale, which gave Inge and Caroline a chance to do some serious catching up. We were then treated to a yummy ‘stoverij-met-frieten’ dinner with homemade mayonnaise. Leslie and Erwan joined us for dinner.

On Friday morning we had an appointment with our immigration lawyers (always more forms to sign) and in the afternoon we went to Oakland to be fingerprinted – again.

Friday night we went to our former local pub ‘21st Amendment’ where we had drinks with friends: Fil & Gina, Tory, Jack, Siska, Claudine & Yves, Henk & Gwynne. Kathy & Scott: thanks for stopping by.

On Saturday morning we enjoyed a nice, slow breakfast with the & Gina and then we took it easy till we had to catch our flight back to Anchorage.

It was great to see you all again! We’ll let you know when we are in the Bay Area next!