Prudhoe Bay, AK
August 2, 2004

Just squeezing in a quick post before heading off to Denali National Park. The last week has been spent driving North, and I mean North. We crossed the Artic Circle (66Deg33′) and continued to a place called Deadhorse on Prudhoe Bay. Did not venture for a swim however. Deadhorse is a total Oil Town, with a smattering of tourists. There is absolutely no culture there. I loved it. Sterling did wonderfully, coping very well with the rough roads. The only scars being three windscreen chips. Unfortunately we did not see the midnight Sun, it was there, except it rained for three days solid. Did make the roads a little more adventurous however. We even got some light snow.

So, signing off from Fairbanks, AK.


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  1. “some light snow” ??? I thought the southern hemisphere was in its winter currently? Did you guys drive too far North and go around the globe or have I been smokin’?
    – loved the glacier pics
    – recommend you get Sterlin’s glass repaired (40$/chip vs. 600$ for whole windscreen)
    – for some good ol’ sun, come back to Cali!
    Hasta la pasta,

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