North America Road Trip
The next 6 weeks.
August 11, 2004

So here we are in Anchorage, AK, from where we fly to San Francisco today Aug 11. We just missed the place too much to be away for so long…. Just kidding (although…). No, we need to go back there to be fingerprinted again for our ‘still-and-forever-running’ green card applications. A bit a of a bummer maybe that we have to interrupt our travels, but on the other hand we get to catch up with friends again! We fly back from SFO to ANC on Aug. 14.

We will then turn Sterlin in the direction of Chicago. With 2 weeks to do those 3,000+ miles we even hope to do some sightseeing on the way! So yes we’ll be moving fast those weeks.

We have to be in Chicago on August 31st as we both have flights booked from there.

Stephen is going to Bolivia to do an intensive advanced moutaineerings course and will then attempt to put all that training into practice by trying to summit Mt. Illimani (in the Cordillera Real in the Bolivian Andes).

Caroline is going to the UK where she will attempt to walk ‘Offa’s Dyke’ in Wales, one of the UK’s famous long-distance footpaths.

We get back together in Chicago on September 23rd. We have friends in Madison, WI (not far from Chicago) so we’ll go and rest on their floor for a few days after our seperate adventures.

The original plan was to then continue on towards the East Coast of the US, but because of that 3-week side trip we fear that the weather may start to get a bit too ‘wintery’ there, so we’re thinking of giving that region a miss (there will always be later opportunities to go there) and to concentrate on the Middle of the US. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves… and that is past the 6 week plan … we will decide what to do once we are both back in Chicago!

When we find some time we will update our website (‘Route’) accordingly.