Vinson Massif – New Expedition Company

Hit a slight hiccup in the expedition preparations. Adventure Consultants, the company I was planning to go with, cancelled the expedition I was scheduled on. A little annoying. But some last minute digging around and I found another expedition company. My seat on the plane had been reserved, so this was the important thing. As far as I can tell there are three confirmed expeditions on the same date. These are Jagged Globe (based in the UK), International Mountain Guides and Alpine Ascents (both based in the US). There maybe more. Well, I am going with Alpine Ascents now. I am very glad to be able to maintain the original departure date. Check-out their site here.

Just spent the morning placing on-line orders for most of my missing gear, so hopefully that will start arriving in the next few weeks. My expensive windsuit has arrived and looks the business. The current gear list can be found here. Just got to get my feet totally sorted out now. Hopefully I can do this during the upcoming week.