Annapurna Circuit
Day 1 in Tokyo
April 13, 2009

Arrived safe and well in my Tokyo Hotel last night.

I had dinner with Patricia (my friend Olivier put us in touch) and she gave me some really good pointers: about the metro (which is fast becoming my favorite one, it’s that easy and clean), places to go and for telling me that this is a safe city.. which I can ‘t contradict so far.

Watched the news about Bangkok on BBC World and I really hope this isn’t going to lead to another closure – or other trouble – at BKK airport… since I’m flying via BKK to Kathmandu on Thu/Fri. Fingers crossed.

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  1. We are keeping our fingers crossed too. Hope you can make a safe passage! We planned to visit Bangkok in 3 weeks from now, but I guess that is up in the air now…

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