Short Trips
October 19, 2010

Kristin left NY on the afternoon of October 12th (see previous post); I checked into the Newark Airport Hilton that evening, where I was was joined by Stephen early the next morning. He’d just flown in on the red-eye from San Francisco.
After breakfast we went back to EWR to check in for our flight to Bermuda.

We arrived on the Island in the afternoon and took a taxi to the Fairmont Southampton Hotel. After checking in we sat down for a snack in the lobby restaurant and then we went for an evening stroll on Horseshoe Bay Beach.

On returning to our room to change for dinner, we found champagne and chocolate dipped strawberries, courtesy of the hotel. Very much appreciated! I had booked our stay there under my name so for the duration we were Mr and Mrs Diericx – very funny! Late evening dinner at Bacci’s.

The next day we walked along the Bermuda Railway Trail from the hotel to Somerset Village, about 10-11km. Much more pleasant than walking along the narrow roads with hardly any footpaths and lots of traffic. Had a drink in Somerset Village and caught a delightfully pink bus back.
Relaxed at the hotel and had a light meal.

At 7:15pm we were all dressed and ready for our 10th Wedding Anniversary dinner in the Waterlot Inn Restaurant. Very nice.

Up till now we had had gorgeous weather but on the morning of the 15th we woke up to rain. Not too worry, this was the day we shifted to Hamilton. We arranged to be able to store our luggage in the Fairmont Hamilton until our next accommodation arrived in town. By the time we got to Hamilton the rain had just about let up. Walked around Bermuda’s capital for a while, had coffee,… not much to the place really. Enjoyed afternoon tea at the Fairmont and then got word that The World was docking.

Headed over to the passenger Terminal and as soon as she was cleared we went on board our accommodation for the next 2 days. Alison was there to welcome us. We all 3 enjoyed champagne and our second anniversary dinner together.

Up in time for breakfast on board the next morning and then on the bus to visit the historic Town of St. George. Quaint little place. Lovely weather again. Dinner on board The World that evening.

On the 17th we relaxed on board and got ready to go back home. Off to the airport around 2pm and back home in San Francisco just before midnight!

All in all a very nice getaway!