Leg 1: Europe and the White Sea

May – June, 2013

Leg 1 was a great start to the trip. Caroline started in London and then sailed to Hamburg, through the Kiel Canal to Flensburg, Aalborg, Skagen and Oslo. At Oslo a short flight took her to Stockholm and Uppsala to visit a dear friend.  Stephen joined Caroline in the extreme north of Norway where we both boarded our “expedition” ship and headed off to the White Sea. We continued to head north to Novaya Zemlya and we even made it to Franz Josef Land before turning back south to mainland Russia and finishing off where we started, in Norway. After 3 weeks at sea we continued on to visit friends and family in the Netherlands, Belgium and England.

Leg 1DatesDurationDistance (kms)
UKApril 30th – May 4th4 Daysn/a
GermanyMay 5th – 15th10 Daysn/a
SwedenMay 16th – 21st5 Daysn/a
BelgiumMay 21st – 30th9 Daysn/a
NorwayMay 30th – June 3rd4 Daysn/a
– The White SeaJune 4th – 16th11 Daysn/a
NorwayJune 17th – 18th1 Dayn/a
NetherlandsJune 18th – 20th2 Daysn/a
BelgiumJune 20th – 27th7 Daysn/a
UKJune 27th – July 2nd5 Daysn/a
Summary for Leg 13 Months, 3 Daysn/a