Leg 2: Australia

July 8 – October 23, 2013

We left San Francisco (again, after a 6-day stopover between Europe and Australia) for Launceston, Tasmania, Australia, where we landed on July 8th. For the rest of July we drove around exploring Australia’s island state.

Logistical issues with the shipping of Sterlin to Sydney (ie.: a delay of 6 weeks due to the incompetence of the US-based shipping company) created a gap in our itinerary. New Zealand was the obvious choice to go and chill for the duration. Although not on the original itinerary we spent a delightful intermezzo there (July 31st – September 1).

Sterlin finally arrived in Sydney on August 30th; we flew there on September 1st for what would be 7.5 weeks touring around. We visited new places and re-visited some we had been long ago. As good as seeing all the sites big was staying and/or catching up with friends. And making new friends.

15,500km/10,000miles later, on October 23rd, we left Fremantle, Perth for Bali, Indonesia.

Leg 2DatesDurationDistance (kms)
TasmaniaJuly 9th – July 31st22 Days3,009
New ZealandJuly 31st – September 1st31 Daysn/a
Australia ()September 1st – October 23rd52 Days12,736
Summary for Leg 24 Months, 14 Days15,745

 () = Border crossing logistics information for Sterlin.