Leg 3: South-East Asia

October 2013 – Aril 2014

Indonesia: Although just for a while it looked like we were going to get Sterlin into the country, it all became a paper (and possibly bribe) quagmire, so Sterlin got shipped around to KL. We ‘flash’-packed around the country. Pity we didn’t have the car as our freedom of movement and time spent in this country was limited.

Malaysia: Re-united with Sterlin and free to drive wherever. We started in KL headed south to Singapore and then north along the west coast before returning to KL and then north again up the west coat to Thailand. We hit the start of the east coast wet season and therefore spent most of our time not there.

Singapore: Sterlin got left across the border in Johor Bahru for our 4 day foray into Singapore. The logistics and costs to get him in outweighed the short duration. And we really didn’t need our car here.

Thailand: We spent 2 months in this wonderful country. So much to see and so much variety in the landscape. We pretty much explored everything we could and were pretty much on the move most of the time. We avoided Bangkok due to protests which could turn violent.

Myanmar/Burma: A short one week trip to Myanmar/Burma to get a taste of this largely undiscovered country. Myanmar/Burma does not presently allow individual private vehicles on their roads, so we ‘flash’-packed around via plane and trains.

Cambodia: We continued our overland journey with Sterlin through Cambodia, taking a bit of a convoluted route to take in the sites. We started with 8 days of temples and then relaxed in the luxury of Phnom Penh before heading North to Laos.

Laos: We spent one month cruising through Laos, visiting caves and marveling at the stunning limestone karsts.

Leg 3DatesDurationDistance (kms)
IndonesiaOctober 23rd – November 13th21 Daysn/a
Malaysia ()November 13th – December 16th33 Days2,909
Thailand ()December 16th – February12th58 Days7,246
Myanmar / BurmaFebruary 12th – February 25th13 Daysn/a
Thailand (Transit)February 25th – March 1st4 Days430
Cambodia ()March 1st – 22nd21 Days2,521
Laos ()March 22nd – April 17th26 Days2,200
Summary for Leg 35 Months, 25 Days15,306

 () = Border crossing logistics information for Sterlin.