Leg 4: East and Central Asia

April – July, 2014

On April 17 we joined Kuipwagen (Marijke and Coen) and Ivor (Kim and Vaughan) in the Northern Laos border town of Boten, to cross into China as a convoy. Twenty nine days later we reached Erenhot, China and crossed into Mongolia.

We spent a month in Mongolia enjoying the landscape and diversity of the county. We exited on the Western border to Russia. We then headed North-West and then South-West through Russia towards Kazakhstan.

We had a marvelous time traveling through Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and back into Kazakhstan en route to the Caspian Sea (www.7lows.com).

Leg 4DatesDurationDistance (kms)
China ()April 17th – May 15th29 Days5,419
Mongolia ()May 15th – June 13th32 Days3,614
Russia ()June 13th – 17th4 Days1,160
Kazakhstan (Take 1) ()June 17th – 21st5 Days1,485
Kyrgyzstan ()June 21st – July 2nd9 Days1,551
Uzbekistan ()July 2nd – 12th10 Days2,145
Kazakhstan (Take 2) ()July 12th – 14th2 Days811
Summary for Leg 42 Months, 29 Days16,185

 () = Border crossing logistics information for Sterlin.