Meeting Molly

Monday, March 12th, 2018

Early morning of Monday March 12th we flew to Redmond, OR, with an obscene amount of luggage: 3 North Face duffel bags, 2 Pelican cases, 1 suitcase (all to be checked – status with United really paid off), one computer bag, one day bag, one camera bag, one Filston 48 hour bag and one small roll-on bag (all hand luggage). At Redmond airport we were met by Anthony from EarthCruiser who dropped us off at our hotel for the night. The original plan was to pick up our EC FX that day so our flights were booked, but, we also wanted it ‘wrapped’, as in have something printed on the sides. We’d coordinated with a local company ‘Driving Force’, who’d wrapped EC’s before; they just needed an extra day for the job. Fine by us if it meant getting everything done in Bend instead of having to try and organize that later somewhere else.

Tuesday, March 13th, 2018.

When we arrived at EarthCruiser the next morning we got to meet ‘Molly 42’, our brand spanking new EC-FX, for the first time.

And she looked Magnificent!