Taking Molly Home

Thursday, March 15 & Friday March 16, 2018.

As we were a tad pressed for time to get back home (one of us had to be at work the next Monday) we didn’t do any sightseeing on the way south. The Thursday night we stayed in an all-year campground en route. It was freezing cold and we were happy to spend the evening inside the comfort of Molly – the heater worked really well! The next morning we woke up to snow and more of it the first few hours of driving the next morning. On March 16 we crossed form Oregon into California which, normally wouldn’t be a big deal, if it were not for the fact that the border between those two states coincides with the 42nd parallel…… 42 being the important fact here :). That night we stayed in Acorn Campground in Valley Springs, CA.

On Saturday we took Molly for a brief visit home to San Francisco, mostly to off/on-load some things and then we drove to Inge and Marc’s for dinner. Very nice to be able to take our home with us :). We parked in front of their house in Sunnyvale and had a lovely evening. Around 10am the next morning we enjoyed coffee together and then took Molly to her storage place, where we picked up Sterlin and drove back home.