The Sticker Ceremony

Thursday, March 15, 2018.

After all was checked and re-checked, Lance and Michele gathered round everyone who works at EarthCruiser.

Up till then, Molly didn’t yet have her EarthCruiser sticker on the front of the cab. The importance of the shake-down trip was not only to confirm that everything was in working order, or that we could work everything; no, it was also an opportunity for us to get to know our new vehicle and to make sure she was all that we wanted her to be. Lance literally asked us as much: ‘You gave us your trust and a substantial amount of money to build your dream overland/travel/adventure vehicle. We at EarthCruiser want to make sure that she is all that and that we fulfilled our promise to you.’ And we answered: ‘She is all that and more; we are totally and utterly in love with our Molly42!!!!’

And then the moment had arrived: Molly got ‘her’ EarthCruiser sticker, and we also got the sheet of paper that had been on her windscreen during production and that had our names and the number 42 on it… signed by everyone. Lots of applause followed and we made sure we shook everyone’s hand. Without the effort of the whole team under the guidance of Lance and Michele, Molly would not exist. This was a very powerful moment as it signified Lance and the team handing Molly over to us and putting her into our care hence forth.

Moments later Stephen backed Molly out of the factory and on the road home we went; two incredibly happy puppies and proud owners of Molly42, our EarthCruiser FX.

Thank You Everyone at EarthCruiser USA. We look forward to seeing you at Overland Expo West!

Stephen, Caroline and Lance. Photo courtesy of Ashton @ EarthCruiser.
Official hand-over. Photo courtesy of Ashton @ EarthCruiser.
Molly42 get her Sticker.
With Anthony and Michele.
Driving our Molly out of the factory….. Photo courtesy of Anthony @ EarthCruiser.
…. and into the wide world!!!!! Photo courtesy of Anthony @ EarthCruiser.