Monday, August 13th, 2018

Up early for morning activities. Caroline went on a fat bike tour around town and along the old road to the airport. The bike guide of course had a riffle, because that is what you do when you cycle around Longyearbyen. Stephen visited coal mine number l. This coal mine has not been in production since the late 1990’s, and now is a museum of sorts on how they use to mine for coal. Coal mine number 7 is producing coal to power the Longyearbyen and for export.

With the morning activities complete, we used our free time to stroll into town for a little look-around, and window shopping. It was a little look around, as the township is not very big at all. The highest density of outdoor clothing places probably in the world however. And had a coffee.

The afternoon was spent in the worlds most northern brewery, as part of our suds and snacks tour.

We walked into town for a lovely dinner at Stationia.

Tuesday, August 14th, 2018

Up very early for a morning of tours. Stephen went for a hike to Endalen to follow in the footsteps of miners. While Caroine went on the Spitsberen experience with visits to museums and other cultural points of interest. The ship departed Longuyearbyern at midday and sail to Pryaminda.