Signehamna and Lilliehöökfjorden

Wednesday, August 8th, 2018

Signehamna, Krossfjorden. Up early for an invigorating 3-hour hike across rocky terrain, around various lakes and to the foot of a Karlbyeren Glacier. Just as we landed, we were greeted by an inquisitive Arctic Fox. The rest of hike was interpreted for us, including stories of a World War II German weather station. The germans used weather reports from Svalbard to help plan missions. We continue to be spoilt by the excellent and unusually warm conditions.

Lilliehöökfjorden, Krossfjorden. After the morning hike, the anchor was pulled allowing for a little cruising on The World along the glacier before heading to 14 Juli Bukta in Lilliehöökfjorden. Here we boarded the zodiacs for cruising along the rocky shoreline and visited the glacier face. Here we found Puffins.