Arroyo Seca
February 10, 2019

Spent a lovely weekend away at Arroyo Seca. We left San Francisco early on Friday in an attempt to beat the rush hour traffic. We failed. The drive which should normally take around 2 and a half to 3 hours ended up taking 5 hours. We still arrived early enough to cook dinner and watch a movie before bed.

On Saturday we walked along Indians Road which ran along side the Arroyo River and the wonderful Gorge that it had created. Our goal for the day was Horse Bridge, which we achieved in short order. We decided to return via Cawatre Trail, just to mix it up a little. And it certainly did not fail us, with a very challenging trail up and over the ridge back to the campground. Only found out after doing the trail, that it was indeed rated as a “challenging” trail. But we were glad to have done it.

On Sunday we ventured out in dubious weather conditions to get another hike in. This we took the more relaxing Santa Lucia Trail. The rain manly stayed away, which was nice. Dur8ng the walk we noticed more snow on the surrounding g hills, which must have fallen overnight.

Arroyo River
Indians Road
Horse Bridge