Wet Weekend at Bass Lake

Weekend, May 24 to 26, 2019

Our original plan was to head to a campground North of Tahoe, but our reservation was cancelled only days earlier due to unexpected and late season snow fall. And Spring Cove campground along Bass Lake had opened for the season.

The second storage box was installed on the roof, which took less than 20 minutes. The rear bumper mounted bracket got a new addition for a yet to be installed antenna, another quick job. The satellite phone was installed, which took a few hours, but a very fine installation it is. The antenna cable was run to the roof rack, but will need to be finished another day.

We did a few walks along the Lake shore. And Stephen hiked over to Forks campground via an inland trail and back along the lake.

Finally got the satellite phone installed. Well almost, just need to install the antenna now.
Popped the cab forward to look at the best way to way up the antenna. In the end we wired it up inside the cab. We earned a thing or so about popping the cab.
Installed the second storage box.
Anniversary dinner. Skirt steak and curry cauliflower. Live is good.
Mr and Mrs Smith in our newly installed home theatre system.
Lake Bass on a misty morning.