Acorn Campground Activities

Weekend, March 6 to 8, 2020

Caroline is in New Zealand sorting out some items for the upcoming home build, so Stephen used Acorn Campground to get some activities done. This would be the last weekend we can work on Molly due to the California lockdown mandated in response to the Coronavirus.

The main objective was to mount the control unit for the stereo in the control panel. That took a lot longer than expected, but it good to have it done. We will now be able to manage the tunes from the house now. Unfortunately there is a small hiss coming from the speakers that will need to be fixed another day. Also spent time trying to work out what the deal is with the batteries not charging quite the way we would like.

The control removed to make it easy to make the cut-out for the new stereo head unit.
Testing it all works before final insulation. Later discovered this test was not valid. Notice the Power Supply! The final configuration would wire directly into the house batteries.
A bit dirty, but the new unit all installed.
Debugging the Battery. This would become a much larger project.