– 6,267m (20,561ft) – Lat,Lon 1°46’S, 78°8’W – Summit Date: December 6, 2004 The alarms went off at 11:00pm. We departed for the mountain at almost exactly midnight. The trail started as an easy path, but quickly changed to a rocky scree trail. Even though the trail was marked with cairns, it was somewhat difficult […]

Trip Report – Mt Cotopaxi, Ecuador
December 28, 2004

– 5,897m (19,347ft) – Lat,Lon: 0°66’S, 78°43’W – Summit Date: December 3, 2004 I awoke at 10 minutes past midnight. The temperature was +5°C in the refugio. Everyone was asleep, although it was 10 minutes past the scheduled wake-up time. After another ten minutes, and wondering if the summit attempt was cancelled, I decided to […]

December 22, 2004

Left the mountain at 6:00pm last night for the drive back to civilization. The climb was great. Quite bit easier than I thought it would be. Even through I was wasted by the time we got off the summit and to the safety of the high camp. Richard and I were able to do the […]

Success on Aconcagua!! 22,841ft/6,962m
December 20, 2004

Hi all, It’s Monday morning and Stephen just rang to say that he and his climbing friend Richard summited Aconcagua successfully! Stephen will fill you in on the details later. He’s back in Plaza de Mulas basecamp at the moment and may get to a computer in Mendoza in the next few days. I am […]

Hot Springs, Sunburn and Argentina
December 8, 2004

Yesterday was spent relaxing and soaking up the sun and warm water of the Papallacta Hot Springs. Needless to say I got sunburnt. The only fortunate thing is that you can`t see the sunburn. Tonight I fly to Argentina to continue the adventure and attempt the summit of Mt Aconcagua. This will be a different […]

Success on Chimborazo
December 7, 2004

Richard and I were successful on Chimborazo (Veintemilla) yesterday. It was a massive day making the ascent in a little under 7 hours to gain the 6,267m (20,561ft) summit. The snow condition was excellent allowing us to make good speed up the mountain. Unfortunately the wind was terrible, and we both had a layer of […]

Success on Cotopaxi!
December 3, 2004

Just returned from a summit success on Cotopaxi, Ecuador’s second highest mountain measuring in at just under 6,000mts. The snow condition was terrible, so made the climb very (very) difficult. Currently absolutely exhausted, so heading for an afternoon nap. Chimborazo in two days. Signing out from Quito.

Trekking the Quilotoa Crater Lake.
November 30, 2004

Just back from 4 days in the Quilotoa Crater Lake region. Had a great time. The Crater Lake is very similar to the Crater Lake National Park in Oregon, USA (but not quite as impressive). Plan was to Trek up to the Crater, the next day trek around the rim and on the last day […]

Ecuador – The Travels Continue
November 25, 2004

So after a few months back in San Francisco, it is now time to get a last little bit of travel in before the New Year. This time, it is just me (Stephen), with Caroline keeping the home fires burning. Arrived in Ecuador three days ago. The flight was uneventful. Just spent these last three […]

Back in San Francisco.
October 23, 2004

It’s been a week now since we moved into a new apartement in San Francisco’s South Beach area, next to the Giants Baseball Stadium. We are in the same building as before, with the same fantastic view and signed a lease for 6 months. It feels good to have a home again! The move went […]

North America Road Trip
Back in the Bay Area!
October 12, 2004

Between our off-road adventure and getting back to the Bay Area we have seen lots of beautiful, impressive and/or weird things. So indulge me in giving an overview in a few photo albums. On October 8th we made it to Livermore where we stayed a couple of nights with Lita and Patrick; we then crashed […]

North America Road Trip
Sterlin goes Off-Road, UT
October 3, 2004

Today we visited Canyonlands National Park. Instead of taking the paved roads, we decided to take one of the 4WD only roads. This enabled us to get away from the crowds and access great views of the Colorado River. The trip started out down a rather simple sand road. Although, the ranger had told us […]

A Touch of Wyoming, Colorado and Utah
October 2, 2004

After Mt Rushmore we continued to Devil’s Tower, WY – a close encounter of the best kind! We then left the cornfields of Wyoming for the Rockies in Colorado. ‘Rocky Mountains National Park’ was worth the drive-through. We stopped in Georgetown, about 40 miles west of Denver to visit Eric and Lisa, whom we met […]