We have moved into our gorgeous new home!
April 19, 2005

Saturday April 16th was moving day – again! This time we plan to make it a ‘bit’ more ‘permanent’!!! I mean, in the last 5 years we have moved at least once a year, some years even twice. The move went off without a hitch. Everything had been packed (skillfully I may add; again, we […]

Home-owners again!
April 14, 2005

It’s official! As of today Stephen and I are home-owners again! We signed the title deed last Friday and today it recorded at City Hall! Yihaa!!! Things went pretty fast in the last few weeks. We had been thinking about buying our own home again here in San Francisco for a while now. So I […]

The Flying Kiwis
March 14, 2005

Last week we had an opportunity to catch up with some of Stephen’s family. Tim and Jane (Stephen’s uncle and aunt) were in town for 3 days; Kate (their daughter) was here for the week. They stayed with a lovely couple, Kelly and Glen, in the Mission District. We couldn’t blame them for dossing there […]

Cherry Trees
March 13, 2005

This is our 5th Spring in San Francisco and we finally made it to the cherry trees in bloom in Golden Gate Park. Had we waited another couple of weeks we would have missed their splendor again! While there we also visited the Japanese Tea Garden. Here are some photos

Family & Friends
Lovely Trip to London and Belgium
February 22, 2005

Last Saturday I got back from a 14-day trip to Europe. Stephen had to go to London for work – he’s still there actually – and I decided to go with him. I spent 4 days in London but the main purpose of my trip across the Atlantic this time was to catch up with […]

Back to Work!
January 15, 2005

The good life is over. Time to re-join the work force. I will be working for a start-up located in Berkeley just a short trip east of where we live. The company is called Idetic and brings Live Television to your mobile phone. Check them out at www.mobiTV.com I will be helping to deploy mobiTV […]

The New Year / New Job
January 4, 2005

Well, it might be time for me to look for work. So the job search will (probably) start in earnest! I did think of going up Denali (Mt McKinley) this year, but looks like these plans will be postponed a year. I have the opportunity to make this climb with some friends (who can only […]

Trip Report – Mt Aconcagua, Argentina
December 30, 2004

– 6,962m (22,841ft) – Lat,Lon 32°40’N, 70°00’W – Summit Date: December 20, 2004 Aconcagua was my first multi-day expedition style climb. The weather played havoc on the nerves, but otherwise a most enjoyable and straight-forward climb. The trip took 12 days in total and was completed a few days before Christmas 2004. Day 1: Landed […]

– 6,267m (20,561ft) – Lat,Lon 1°46’S, 78°8’W – Summit Date: December 6, 2004 The alarms went off at 11:00pm. We departed for the mountain at almost exactly midnight. The trail started as an easy path, but quickly changed to a rocky scree trail. Even though the trail was marked with cairns, it was somewhat difficult […]

Trip Report – Mt Cotopaxi, Ecuador
December 28, 2004

– 5,897m (19,347ft) – Lat,Lon: 0°66’S, 78°43’W – Summit Date: December 3, 2004 I awoke at 10 minutes past midnight. The temperature was +5°C in the refugio. Everyone was asleep, although it was 10 minutes past the scheduled wake-up time. After another ten minutes, and wondering if the summit attempt was cancelled, I decided to […]

December 22, 2004

Left the mountain at 6:00pm last night for the drive back to civilization. The climb was great. Quite bit easier than I thought it would be. Even through I was wasted by the time we got off the summit and to the safety of the high camp. Richard and I were able to do the […]

Success on Aconcagua!! 22,841ft/6,962m
December 20, 2004

Hi all, It’s Monday morning and Stephen just rang to say that he and his climbing friend Richard summited Aconcagua successfully! Stephen will fill you in on the details later. He’s back in Plaza de Mulas basecamp at the moment and may get to a computer in Mendoza in the next few days. I am […]

Hot Springs, Sunburn and Argentina
December 8, 2004

Yesterday was spent relaxing and soaking up the sun and warm water of the Papallacta Hot Springs. Needless to say I got sunburnt. The only fortunate thing is that you can`t see the sunburn. Tonight I fly to Argentina to continue the adventure and attempt the summit of Mt Aconcagua. This will be a different […]