The Flying Kiwis
March 14, 2005

Last week we had an opportunity to catch up with some of Stephen’s family. Tim and Jane (Stephen’s uncle and aunt) were in town for 3 days; Kate (their daughter) was here for the week. They stayed with a lovely couple, Kelly and Glen, in the Mission District. We couldn’t blame them for dossing there […]

Family & Friends
Lovely Trip to London and Belgium
February 22, 2005

Last Saturday I got back from a 14-day trip to Europe. Stephen had to go to London for work – he’s still there actually – and I decided to go with him. I spent 4 days in London but the main purpose of my trip across the Atlantic this time was to catch up with […]

Family & Friends
Greetings from London – part 2.
September 23, 2004

I am currently in Putney, London, spending my last couple of hours in an internet cafe – of course. In a few hours I’ll make my way to Heathrow to board a plane to Chicago. Can’t wait to be with Stephen again!!!! My visit to London was absolutely fabulous – thanks to all my friends. […]

Family & Friends
Greetings from London!
September 20, 2004

Just a quick one to let you all know that I am in London at the moment. Have had a great time so far catching up with friends (Silvia & Wayne, Heleen, Annemie, Kristin) and wandering around. And I’ve got more catching up to look forward to (Dan & Lisa, hopefully Pete, and Bruce)! I […]