Antarctic Peninsula

Neko Harbour and Lemaire Channel

We cruised in the Gerlach Channel before landing at Neko Harbour. A spectucalr sunset cruise through the Lemaire Channel concluded our first day in Antarctica.

Detaille Island and The Gullet

We went ashore on Detaille Island to visit British ‘Base W’ and enjoyed a beautiful sunset cruise through The Gullet.

Pourquoi Pas Plunge

In the morning we were anchored in Marguerite Bay, off Porcquoi Pas Island. In the afternoon we took The Polar Plunge.

Port Charcot and Chinstraps

We landed on Booth Island, Port Charcot. This is one of the few landing sites on the Antarctic Peninsula where all three species of brushtail penguins – Adélie, Gentoo and Chinstrap – nest together.

Port Lockroy and Paradise Bay

That morning we went ashore too Port Lockroy, during the afternoon we cruised through Paradise Bay.