Thanksgiving - London and Belgium

Nov 20, 2010  Stephen meets our godson, Sonny, for the first time. Diericx Caroline  Stephen and Bruce. We caught up in    The Avalon Pub    in Balham, London. Nov 20, 2010  Caroline, Bruce, Sonny, Ann and Stephen. Nov 21, 2010  Caroline and Silvia (for some reason or other I do not have a picture of Wayne!!). Nov 21, 2010  Caroline, Pete, Dan and Stephen - outside The Grove Pub in Balham, London. Nov 22, 2010  Caroline and Heleen - in another pub of course: The Clapham North, at.. well.. Clapham North tube, London. (For some reason or other I also do not have picture of Marc!!).
Nov 23, 2010  As we arrived in Eeklo we saw this amazing rainbow!!!!! Nov 23, 2010  Zonnebloemstraat, Eeklo, Belgium. Nov 23, 2010 Nov 23, 2010  B. M. Goethalslaan, Eeklo, Belgium. Nov 24, 2010  In Cafe Damberd in Gent: Caroline, Ina, Gina, Stephen, Geert, Hilde. Nov 24, 2010  Brasserie Pakhuis, Gent: Caroline, Sofia, Stephen, Gina, Geert, Hilde, Steven.
Nov 25, 2010  Preparing Thanksgiving Dinner at home in Eeklo. Nov 25, 2010  A whole turkey would not have fit in the oven had we been able to get one, so turkey rolls it was! Nov 25, 2010  Erna, Roland, Alice, Muis, Caroline. Not in picture: Stefaan and Stephen. Nov 26, 2010  Caroline, Stephen and Stefaan: off to 'The Westhoek'... Nov 26, 2010  ... in search of the 'lowest place in Belgium. Nov 26, 2010  According to the Tourist info in Veurne, the low point is just about behind us and is at -3,54m. We have not been able to get that confirmed yet... working on it.
Nov 26, 2010  Somewhere there... De Moeren are kept dry by 4 modern pumps. Nov 26, 2010 Nov 26, 2010  Rest van oude windmolen 'La Seine'... What's left of the old windmill 'La Seine'. Nov 26, 2010  Actually Houtem bij Veurne. Nov 26, 2010  Veurne markt. Nov 26, 2010  Stephen was very happy to finally end up in a frietkot with 'frieten en mayonnaise en een frikandellenworst'!