We had known about EarthCruisers for quite some years. We had watched online videos but never spotted one in the wild, until, on September 4th, 2016, we saw an EXP in the car park of Shoreline Lake in Mountain View, CA. We walked around this overland vehicle and marveled at its overt ruggedness.

At the time we never considered that this would be the vehicle we would purchase about a year later.

Our second encounter was in the back country of Oregon. This time we spotted two EarthCruisers, but this time in the wild.

We picked up the courage to go introduce ourselves, only to discover that the owners were, in fact, Lance and Michelle, the owners of EarthCruiser USA. We had a chat and were invited in for a brief tour.

This started us thinking and ultimately led to us reserving our EarthCruiser a month later.