The Overland Library

A few books in our library dedicated to the craft of Overlanding.

The classic guide by Tom Sheppard. We are lucky enough to have a 1st Edition published in 1998. We found a copy in England and had it shipped over.

The material is a bit dated, but the principles are still sounds. Have read this book cover to cover a number of times.

We also have the 3rd (2013), 4th (2017) and 5th (2021) edition of this book, as these editions have more up-to-date information.

We have a third edition from 1990. This is our first overland book for the trip we planned from London to South Africa, obviously through the Sahara desert. We ultimately never got further than southern Algeria, but this book was a hugely valuable resource. This was overlanding before overlanding was trendy.

Another oldie, this time from 1979. Provides route information for those travelling from Europe to Australia, via Turkey, Iran, Nepal and India. Not a route we are ever likely to take, but a good read with some general Overlanding information.

A Haynes series book dedicated to Camper construction and with some very practical information. We have the first edition from 2016.

The section on electrical and batteries is useful, even if we did not build our on overland vehicle.

Kim and Don Greene drove a FUSO camper through Central and South America. More of a travel guide than an Overland handbook, but some nice introduction sections. The country information is now out-dated, as the book was published in 2008. But it good to understand how South America has changed.

Overland Journal is an excellent magazine series with travel stories and other useful Overlanding information. We have about half of the publications ever published. There is an online companion to this journal being

TeriAnn Wakeman provides her take on overland travel, with a focus on North America. We have a first edition published in 2016, making it one of more modern books in the library.

Page 51 is one I particularly like.

A tongue and cheek dive into what it takes to travel overland. Woven within the humor is some solid advice. We have the 2017 2nd Edition,.

A very general purpose covering lots of detail. And route details for South America.

A classic book, originally published in 2000. We have a 2004 edition.