Top 10 Enhancements

We love Molly and the design from Earthcruiser. These are the top 10 enhancements we have made to make Molly more homey and suited to our needs.

Number 1 – Flooring

One of the first and definitively the best enhancement, was adding interlocking foam tiles to the floor of the habitat. A simple change that makes a world of difference. Now we can drop things on the floor and they usually don’t break, or, we can slip out of bed in the middle of the night without having to step on a cold floor. Thanks Glenn & Jeanne for the idea!

We also added these tiles to the rear storage locker, to protect both the locker area and the items in it. The wood pattern adds warmth. We got these foam tiles from Home Depot.

Number 2 – SatComms

Safety is important, and the satellite phone installation provides this. The sat phone is now always on, stays fully charged and is continuously registered with the Inmarsat network.

Previously the sat-phone was hidden away in a drawer somewhere, and only brought out when needed. And then it was usually not charged. Which defied the point really. Now, as an added bonus, people can ring us if they wish. Although they have to be rich friends, as the charges can be as much as $10 per minute.

We also have two Garmin inReach devices, but nothing beats voice when you need assistance and are overseas.

Number 3 – Insect Screen

The removable insect screen at the door to the habitat allows us to keep the door open and not worry about little critters getting inside. The magnets in the screen means it self-closes as we come and go.

The current arrangement is a bit of a death trap (as in it needs trimming to size so we stop tripping over it), but we will fix that ‘shortly’.

Number 4 – Mobile Internet

The local wifi network and computer makes futzing on the computers a breeze. We are still experimenting, but we already have a local map server, GPS tracking, local wordpress and music collection.

The wifi network is powered by a Cradlepoint device and the computer is an industrial linux box. Storage is via a 4 bay NAS fitted with SSD drives.

Number 5 – Dressing Up

Molly got given a wrap early on. Typically Earthcruisers are white from head to toe. But Molly has a series on green dots representing our interconnected world and travel plans. Own design. We chose forest colors.

Number 6 – Roof Rack

We mounting units to our roof rack above the cab on which we attach two Alu-Boxes for extra, light storage.

Number 7 – Decorations

To make Molly a little more homely, we have decorated her with patches, swallows, felt birds, butterflies, Tibetan prayer flags, colored led lights and Kwak the duck. And adding to it.

Number 8 – Movie Night

We added a movie projector which back-projects on a screen positioned between the kitchen and the bed making it easy to watch large format movies from the comfort of our bed-turned-lounge. The sound is pumped out via the roof mounted speakers, or if we take the action outside then through our portable Sonos speakers. We are still looking for the perfect back-projection screen, and that search may never conclude.

Number 9 – Enhanced Tunes

Molly had some pretty good speakers, but we added a new bluetooth enabled amplifier to the house. We can now play tunes without crawling into the front cab. Great sounds with convenience.

Number 10 – Hot and Cold

We monitor the internal and outside temperature using temperature and environment sensors. The sensors are connected to the computer and are constantly recording the weather conditions.

Notable Mentions
  • Sonos speakers to take the sound outside.
  • The rear extra lock box. In it we keep our outside room: lawn, table, chairs, some blankets and cushions, levelers, mesh dome,…
  • The second fridge or freezer, to keep the beer cold.