Annapurna Circuit
Day 1 in Tokyo
April 13, 2009

Arrived safe and well in my Tokyo Hotel last night. I had dinner with Patricia (my friend Olivier put us in touch) and she gave me some really good pointers: about the metro (which is fast becoming my favorite one, it’s that easy and clean), places to go and for telling me that this is […]

Off to Tokyo
April 11, 2009

My turn to leave today: first stop Tokyo for 4 days. I look forward to getting a taste of this city and it will give me another ‘tick’ on my ‘countries visited’ list – can’t let Stephen get ahead of me now, can I? Thank you Paul for taking me to the airport!

Annapurna Circuit
Caroline’s ‘planned’ Trek itineraries
April 10, 2009

Here’s an idea of the planned itineraries for both my treks; it’s give or take a day. **Annapurna Circuit( approx 300km/187m): Start date April 19: I would like to do this in a day less (mainly to have an extra rest day between treks!), so this itineray could change quite a bit, but then again I may […]

Annapurna Circuit
March 15, 2009

Here are some links to useful maps to help you follow along:- – Everest Base Camp Trek– Everest– Annapurna Circuit Please note: These maps require a flash player to be installed.

Annapurna Circuit

If you want to follow along with automatic email notifications then you can subscribe to Google groups. So everytime we post something, you will get an email notification. This is really easy: If you have a google email address (or you can/want to create one) just go to Google Groups and join the everest-and-annapurna-2009 group […]

Nepal / Everest / Annapurna Adventure
March 15, 2009

Only 2 weeks and a day before Stephen boards a plane to start his Everest Expedition! On March 31st he will join the Alpine Ascents team in Kathmandu, Nepal. This whole expedition will take 2 months, give or take 10 days. I will now leave on April 11 and will first spend 3.5 days in Tokyo […]