Everest Expedition 2009
August 24, 2009

Here it is, finally, my Everest Expedition photo album! It’s a rather big album but then this was a big adventure! I left San Francisco on March 29 to join the Alpine Ascents Everest Expedition in Kathmandu. Two months later, on May 31st, I arrived back home in SF.  It was great to know that […]

Everest Basecamp Trek: photos
June 7, 2009

This is a selection of photos of my EBC Trek. I counted the days from the first day of the trek to the day we flew back to Kathmandu. You will notice that there are no photos of ‘EBC Day 18 – May 26’. That was the day we marched out of EBC in rather […]

Annapurna Circuit: photos
June 5, 2009

Here is a selection of photos of my Annapurna Circuit Trek. I am missing one memory card with photos taken during this trek on my Nikon D70. I am hoping that it is in our luggage still to arrive from Kathmandu. If so I will most likely add more photos to this album. Annapurna Circuit […]

Back home!
June 1, 2009

We got back home yesterday, May 31st, right on schedule. Thank you all for following along and for the comments and emails we have received! Although we were not always (well, most of the time) able to reply, we did and do appreciate them!!!!! I meant a lot to us knowing that so many of […]

On our way back home
May 30, 2009

The adventure has come to an end; we are leaving Kathmandu in a few hours. We will stopover for the night in Bangkok – that’s just the way the flights work. From there we will then fly to SFO via NRT. Hopefully all will go without delays and we will be back in SFO on […]

Greetings from Kathmandu.
May 29, 2009

We have been relaxing for the last 2 days in the ‘Yak and Yeti’ hotel in Kathmandu, which has been very nice. This morning the last members and guides of Stephen’s Expedition Team arrived here as well. Our bags… well… they are on their way from EBC to Lukla and then they still have to get […]

Back in Kathmandu
May 27, 2009

Just a quick post to let everyone know that Caroline and I are safely back in Kathmandu. After arriving back at EBC and celebrating with the Sherpa staff our success, we got hit with a pretty strong snow storm. So we made a quick departure from EBC to avoid being trapped too long. Now that […]

Stephen expected back in EBC anytime now!
May 25, 2009

Hi All, It is about 10:30 here at EBC and I expect Stephen (and the whole team) to arrive before lunch. The weather today here is not so good: we are completely under cloud cover and it has been snowing since very early this morning and has not let up.  Not too sure what that […]

Stephen summited at 8:20 this morning!!!!!
May 23, 2009

Yihaa!!!!!! Stephen summited Everest at 8:20 on May 23rd!!!!!!!! He was second of the AAI group to accomplish this amazing feat!!! More summit details on the AAI cybercasts. Everyone is going down to Camp 4 now. Tomorrow to Camp 2 and back in EBC on the 25th. More details on how and when we get […]

This is the morning of the big night!!!!
May 22, 2009

Hello Everyone! This is the morning of the big night/day! Stephen and team are currently at Camp 4; today is their rest day there (they arrived there yesterday). I’ve been listenening to the radio communications between EBC and Camp 4 and it sounds like everyone is in great spirits and doing very well (specially on […]

May 19th – Greetings from EBC!
May 19, 2009

Hi All! This is my second day at EBC and although there is not that much to do around here but sit around and take in the amazing scenery and read, it is fascinating to be a part of it all. It is quite an operation up here. When all the climbers are in camp […]

Caroline made it to EBC. She did a big push from Loboche and pulled in just in time for lunch with the rest of the team. The team is now getting ready for our Summit Push.  We are all a bit excited and a bit neverous. Here is the current schedule, subject to weather of course May 18th […]

Greetings from Pheriche
May 14, 2009

So yes, I did make it to Lukla as planned and am well on my way to EBC! Even better: Stephen’s expedition team is down from EBC to get stronger (and there are some weather delays) and I managed to catch up with them!!! We have been together for the last 4 days; today is […]

So fingers crossed that the weather in Lukla is good enough for the flight to depart. If so, I will then immediately start my EBC Trek; first stop: Phakding. My guide and one porter are meeting me here in the hotel. We then hire a second porter in Lukla (yep… taking lots of warm gear […]

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