This post is about the government documentation we needed and obtained to bring our car and ourselves into Laos. Laos In General There is basically nothing on the Laos customs website on the process to temporarily import a vehicle. But we heard from our future China travel companions that the process is very easy. However, […]

Exciting times in Luang Prabang
April 10, 2014

Thursday, April 10, 2014 The road from Nong Khiaw to Luang Prabang was mostly ok, although there where a few sections with some very impressive potholes. It took us about 3.5 hours to cover the 140kms. Contrary to our normal routine, this time we had pre-booked accommodation at the lovely Vangsavath Hotel. The New Year […]

Nong Kiau
April 8, 2014

Tuesday, April 8, 2014 Long drive through the mountains. The journey time was 7:30am until 4:00pm, or 8.5 hours to complete 309 kms. That is a average of 36 kph, or, not fast at all. The road was in very good shape, but the ups, downs, lefts and rights impacted our speed. In fact, there […]

Xam Neua
April 6, 2014

Sunday, April 6, 2014 We had a lovely long drive through the mountains from Phonsavan to Xam Neua. Only 240 kms in distance, but average speed was around 40 kph, so it took 6 hours to do the drive and an hour or so of stops. The road had many twists and turns, and quite […]

April 4, 2014

Friday, April 4, 2014 The road north along National Highway 13 and then east along National Highway 7 to Phonsavan was just stunning. The road weaved itself through the forested mountains and Laos villages. Lots of potholes but we were taking it easy so they did not have a chance to spring up on us. […]

Vang Vieng
April 2, 2014

Wednesday, April 2, 2014 The road north to Vang Vieng was good with only the occasional car destroying pothole. We didn’t hit any. And it was nice to be driving through mountains again. Sterlin was running extremely well after the oil change. Might need to change oil more often. It was not long before we […]

March 27, 2014

Thursday, March 27, 2014 A long drive today, but rewarded with Vientiane (the Capital of Laos). Found a delightful hotel on the edge of town. In the early evening we went exploring for a) the Land Rover dealer and b) the Belgium pub. We found both. Tomorrow we will try and get Sterlin serviced, which […]

Kong Lor Cave
March 26, 2014

Wednesday, March 26, 2014 We drove north along Mekong and after 100 kms or so turned right at Road No. 8 and started to wind through the mountains. This was such a pretty drive and we both enjoyed the mountain scenery. The last 40 kms were particularly scenic. It was around lunchtime when we arrived […]

March 24, 2014

Monday, March 24, 2014 The roads in Laos are getting better and faster as we head North. Less potholes, less cattle wandering around aimlessly and less villages on the main highway. This is a good thing, as today was a driving day. We got to Thakhek for a late lunch to discover it is a […]

March 23, 2014

Sunday, March 23, 2014 A wonderful night’s sleep on the Bolaven Plateau, and the first time in a long time we did not hear the humming of an air conditioning unit. Bliss. A big day’s drive as we planned to go to Savannakhet some 280 kms away. Although the Laos roads are very good – […]

Bolaven Plateau
March 22, 2014

Saturday, March 22, 2014 We headed east to the hills, where there are waterfalls and they grow coffee, and, just as importantly, being 1,000 meters higher it is 10 degrees cooler. And indeed, as we headed up, the thermometer headed down. It was not long before we were at the first waterfall, and a very […]

March 20, 2014

Thursday, March 20, 2014 The road to Pakse was good. Well, apart from cows regularly and aimlessly crossing the road. We suspect this will be a common occurrence here in Southern Laos. Pakse has good coffee and it was not long before we found some, along with lunch. Pakse also has a supermarket of sorts. […]

Muang Khong
March 19, 2014

Wednesday, March 19, 2014 On arrival in Muang Khong we headed straight for the Senesothxuen Hotel recommended by other travelers and we were not disappointed. After relaxing a bit and a bath (yes, a bath; for the first time in a while we had a nice tub with a plug no less) we went for a walk […]

Goodbye Cambodia, Hello Laos!
March 19, 2014

Wednesday, March 19, 2014 About 40 minutes after the sun we got up as well. We enjoyed breakfast at Ponika’s Place again, after which we went back to our hotel to check out and headed towards the Cambodia-Laos border. Just before heading to the border we took the turn-off to a river ramp where we […]