Nakhon Phanom

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Got up early, well early for us. Grabbed a coffee before heading in the direction of Wat Phu Tok. Along the way we stopped at Tesco for supplies, and where lucky enough to find booster cables. Hope never to use them.

Wat Phu Tok was very cool. A temple set atop a small mountain with these rickety wooden walkways just hanging off the cliff face. For those old enough to know the computer game Myst, it was all very Myst like. Reminded us of the Meteora in Greece. We spent hours walking around the mountain enjoying the place. And like other recent temples, we did not see any monks during our visit. In fact there were very few visitors as well.

You can see the walkways snaking around the hill.

On the way to Nakhon Phanom we made another detour to see the confluence of the green coloured Mae Mam Songkhram River with the muddy brown coloured Mekong. And it was quite a detour. We travelled over mud and potholed roads for about 30 kms before we got to the confluence. There was a better route via the highway, but it was nice seeing all the little villages situated along the Mekong. Sterlin will need a clean soon.

If you look carefully you can actually see the green and brown waters merge…. ish.

Nakhon Phanom is the capital of the province, and is quite bustling. The town is decorating and getting ready for Chinese New Year. Caroline had Mekong River fish for dinner.

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  1. Catching up on the past few weeks of entries… your adventures continue to sound amazing and wonderful. This really does remind me of Myst. I love your spirit of adventure!
    P.S. I'll be in Pakistani controlled Kashmir with Lakpa Rita and Garrett in July if you happen to venture west in that time frame. 🙂

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