Death Valley ‘Super Bloom’ 2016

Once in a Decade… We heard about it, read about it, saw the pictures and Park updates,…. and wondered: what are we doing here instead of going to see it for ourselves?! Lucky enough to score rooms in Furnace Creek Ranch and Stovepipe Wells, we set off on Friday, March 4th, late afternoon. We broke the long drive at Bakersfield, from where we continued to Death Valley the next morning. We were not disappointed: for the next 2 days we marveled at the beauty and abundance of Wildflowers. We had been to Death Valley several times before but had never seen the likes of it. While we were there the biggest concentrations of flowers were on the Badwater Road and the ‘Beatty cut-off road and the triangle there. Getting out of the car and walking among the flowers revealed more species of flowers than on first sight.