New Trails in Pinnacles National Park

Weekend, March 30 and 31, 2019

Caroline is still in Europe, so ready for some solo hiking in one of our favorite parks. And, I discovered a new trail that I did not even know that existed, and I like it.

Saturday was spent doing a campsite to campsite loop via Bear Gulch, the reservoir, high peaks, Chaparral Trailhead parking lot and Balcony Cliffs. Always a favorite. But during this hike I noticed the Northern Wilderness Trail, which was new to me. So, Sunday, up really early to avoid as much as possible of the midday sun and heat, and set off. Another good hike and rewarded with a beautiful trail that follows the creek, still running from the winter rains, before heading over the hill to the valley where Chaparral Trailhead is.

On Saturday night I set a camp fire and cooked my steak over it. And some Baked Beans for favor. I think this menu will be added to my short list of acceptable solo cooking efforts. Also visited the Bacon Homestead and attended the quite informative Ranger program.

Tested the satellite phone again, still working.

The advantage of being up early. Seeing deer.
Every time I see this hanging rock, I just want to take a photo of it.
Amazing morning and amazing view of the reservoir
Just I got to Scout Peak area and cell coverage, Caroline wanted to know how the hike was going.
Steak prepared over a wood fire. I really must learn to grill.
Ranger program, actually quite good.
Up early Sunday for new trials!
These are my sort of trails. A little wilderness is always good.
Views of High Peaks and North Charlone Peak
Lots of wildflowers.
New mapping application. Orange is Saturday and Red is Sunday. I think Avenza Maps will be the go-to choice from now on.