Relaxing in Acorn Campground

Weekend, May 17 to 19, 2019

Acorn is one of the nicest and closets campgrounds to San Francisco. Rain was forecast, but we decided to get away for the weekend anyway. On Friday afternoon we escaped via Calaveras Reservoir, which although nice, was a tad slow going in Molly and we ended up with a bit of a line of cars behind us.

Molly got all of her leaf spring bushings greased. No more squeaking when we go around corners. Greasing the bushings ended up being more complicated than it needed to be, with a considerable amount of grease being wasted. But got the job done in the end.

The first night, we had a delightful campsite and made a little fire and enjoyed views over the lake. In the morning, a noisy Scout troop had descended on nearby sites, surrounding us. We worked out that we could relocate to a “walk-up” site, that was free. And had equally good Lake views.

A little maintenance work on Molly
Grease applied to the bushings
Second camp spot, without the kids.
Returning Molly to storage and a freak rain storm created a little drainage issue.