Glory Hole

Weekend, June 14 to 16, 2019

Like last weekend, we escaped to New Melons Lake. But this time a little further North and stayed at Ironhorse Campground at Glory Hole. Arrived just before sundown on Friday. Spent a lovely evening around the fireplace enjoying the warm evening.

Woke up late and relaxed during the morning. We went for a midday walk to Glory Point. It was hot. We stayed on the road to avoid a repeat of last weekend and picking up more poison oak.

Later in the afternoon Stephen went for a trail walk. It was still hot.

Another evening spent around the fire. This time we even cooked our evening meal on the fire ring. It was wonderful. We are definitively getting better at this whole camping thing.

Sunday morning we had a nice breakfast in a cafe in Angels Camp on the way back to San Francisco.