Spring Cove Revisited 16-18 Aug, 2019

We’d been there for the first time a few months before and not only enjoyed the spot, but also got to know the 2 camphosts for the season, Ron and Mark. We got on well and decoded to visit them again.

Getting out of the Bay Area on a Friday afternoon is always bad but this it was close to a nightmare: it took us 8 hours to get there. On top of the usual jams there was a significant standstill in the vicinity of the Don Pedro Reservoir (?? check name), so we got there around 11pm – aaarrrggghhh.

We woke up to lots of butterflies gracing our spot and got visited by wild turkeys. Stephen went for a hike; Caroline stayed with Molly – too hot to hike that day.

For the evening meal we’d invited Ron and Mark and we had a lovely evening enjoying food, drinks and each other’s company. Seeing them again was kinda the main reason for re-visiting Spring Cove Camprgound.

Luckily on the Sunday the drive home was much faster than getting there.